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5 Children’s Books for Young Gymnasts

October 15, 2014

Learning is important in the world of gymnastics. Particularly with very young athletes, you want to make sure students are performing well in school as well as on the floor. But how? Here’s a fun idea! Ask each of your students to read a gymnastics themed book this season!

These 5 gymnastics themed books are geared toward children between the ages of 3-11:

Gymnastics Fun (Strawberry Shortcake) by Mickie Matheis

Ages 3-5. A wonderful addition to the Strawberry Shortcake series, this book is a great topic introduction for young children just getting involved in gymnastics. (24 pages.)

Gymnastics Girl Maya’s Story: Becoming Brave by Kara Douglass Thom

Ages 5-7. This book is a part of the Go! Go! Sports Girl product line which promotes exercise, healthy food choices, self-esteem and other admirable traits in young girls. Maya learns to be brave and work hard to achieve new goals in her gymnastics class. (32 pages.)

I Broke into Gymnastics Camp by Jessica Gunderson

Ages 6-8. Part of the Sports Illustrated Kids Victory School Superstars series, this book follows Kenzie through a tale of taking responsibility when she accidentally breaks the lock on the door before gymnastics camp starts. (56 pages.)

Gemma the Gymnastics Fairy by Daisy Meadows

Ages 7-10. A Scholastics favorite, in this book some items needed for the Fairy Olympics go missing and hijinks ensue as goblins take over the competition. (80 pages.)

Gymnastics Jitters by Jake Maddox

Ages 8-11. A wonderful story about good sportsmanship and overcoming the odds, this book is not only a good read, but very enlightening for a young reader. (72 pages.)

There are so many other books out there to get kids reading and interested in gymnastics!

Feel free to suggest another for our list by sending a short description (like the ones you see above) to blog@iclasspro.com with the subject “Gymnastics Readers” and we’ll try adding it to the list!