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5 Post-Athletic Career Moves for College Athletes

February 25, 2015

Many parents see athletics as a way for their children to get into college. And if the student really enjoys the sport, what’s the harm? Coaches across the globe help students get into college on scholarships every year in every competitive event imaginable; football, swimming, gymnastics, cheer, dance and track to name a few.

But colleges don’t really offer degrees in sports. A lot of dedicated athletes find themselves lost when it comes to the educational side of things. Sure, they realize that even if they do make an Olympic or professional sports team, that job won’t last forever. But what kinds of education can prepare them for a satisfactory career long after their competitive years are over?

It’s a scary and very real question that begs to be answered. But not to worry! There are a lot of answers out there. Here are five big career opportunities to appeal to different athletic personalities.


5 Post-Athletic Career Moves Athletes can Prepare for in College:

Strictly Business. It’s number one because it’s a no brainer. Marketing, entrepreneurship, finance… you name it. A business degree is a solid move for any athlete interested in learning how to leverage the power and duty that comes with fame. Love helping people and building things? All that practice at hard work, dedication, strict schedules and self-discipline could mean you’re in business.

Sports Medicine. After your time in the spotlight is done, you might find it rewarding to help others out there in the field. Sports medicine is a great way to do just that. You can mentor other young athletes while physically keeping them in peak condition. If you’re a stickler for proper technique, this degree might be for you.

Sports Psychology. It might not seem like there’s a direct connection, but the world of psychology is an excellent move for an athlete. Understanding the motivations and actions of teammates is a valuable tool on the job and off. If you find yourself acting as the team mediator now and enjoying it-- a degree in psychology could be for you.

Leadership and Management. A mixture of a business degree and a psychology degree; with a leadership degree you get the best of both worlds. This education is all about logical and ethical decision making, negotiation and understanding group and organizational behavior. It's a great move for aspiring coaches, team managers and owners.

Arts and Media. Someone has to take photos of athletes, report scores, write stories, conduct interviews and host sports networks. Why not you? Sure, there will be a lot of rough competition in this job market, but you love it, right?! An arts degree is another exciting way to stay involved in the world of sports in your post-competitive years.