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5 Tips to Help Conquer Stage Fright

August 27, 2014

From first time performers to big events, almost anyone experiences some level of anxiety before hopping up on stage. Use these quick tips to help overcome that anxiety and give 100% in your next performance!


1. Encourage yourself to do your best, rather than trying to achieve perfection. If you're busy thinking negatively about your performance, you lose focus on the task itself. Leave self-critiquing for later. (And use critiques as a path toward growth and self-improvement, rather than focusing on the negative.)


2. Get plenty of sleep. You can’t give 100% when you’re physically running on empty.


3. Focus on eating healthy on and around the day of your performance. Stay away from excessive sugar, caffeine, or alcoholic beverages. This will provide your body with more stability going into the performance, and prevents you from bottoming out or overexerting yourself and getting injured.


4. Try imagining or partaking in relaxing activities. Spend some quiet time doing long stretches, take a walk on the beach (or imagine taking one), or listen to some calming music. The goal is to relieve anxiety and additional stress before the event.


5. Acknowledge your audience. Ignoring them won’t likely sell or improve your performance. Think of them as friends --or strangers in their underwear-- whatever reminds you that they are all just people, like you.


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