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We’ve Added Two-Factor Authentication

January 04, 2022

As consumers, we appreciate doing business with companies that require a second form of authorization because it provides an additional layer of protection to your account. Today, we’re excited to offer you and your staff that same level of hardened security with Two-Factor Authentication for the Office Portal and Staff Portal.

After you enable Two-Factor Authentication, staff members will be provided with a QR code and/or text displaying a “Secret Key” upon their next login attempt to be used to configure an authentication app on their mobile device or trusted computer. So even if someone gained access to a user’s password, access to the account still wouldn’t be allowed without the user’s trusted phone to receive the code.

Please note that Two-Factor Authentication is not required and must first be enabled in order to work. If you do not enable this feature, the system will continue working as it always has.

 To learn more about this update, visit our Knowledgebase here.