We’ve Enhanced Auto-Approve Requests!
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  • We’ve Enhanced Auto-Approve Requests!

    June 02, 2021

    Today, we are excited to announce an awesome enhancement to enrollments which will help you fine-tune your auto-approve requests!

    Previously, iClassPro offered a setting to "Auto-Approve Requests" based on the student meeting the minimum/maximum age and gender requirements for a class. This setting, when turned on, affects all class enrollments submitted via the Customer Portal or Mobile App. That means that when the setting is enabled, all enrollments are checked for auto-approval criteria.

    With this enhancement, we have added an all-new handy "Auto-Approval" tab to the classes and camps page. This little tab allows you to set specific age and or Skill Level criteria to decide whether enrollments are auto-approved on a per-class or per-camp basis, or to allow auto-approval of all enrollments just for that specific class or camp, without having to enable auto-approval for all enrollments.

    And you’ll love that when auto-approve criteria are set from this tab, they will be used in addition to the age/gender criteria if "Auto-approve requests" is enabled. In the case that "Auto-Approve Requests" is disabled, this new tab allows you to conveniently set age or Skill Level criteria for a single class or camp.

    Finally, we have also added a new Customer Portal financial setting to prevent auto-approval of enrollments if the family has overdue charges.

    Learn more about the new auto-approve request tab here. To learn more about the new Customer Portal financial setting, click here.

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