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June 02, 2020

Makeup Tokens: Easy and Convenient

By now, many of you have either reopened your business or are gearing up to reopen in coming weeks. We are so excited because this means you can start offering summer-programming which may include summer camps, mini ca...

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May 23, 2020

Notice Regarding the Legacy Parent Portal

Due to Safari update issues, your customers using the Safari browser can no longer access certain Legacy Parent Portal functions such as payments or class enrollments. In order for your customers to access these functi...

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May 18, 2020

Enhanced Email Variable Options

You can now send personalized email campaigns to your customers by inserting custom email variables into your iClassPro Email Blasts. Sending a personalized email allows you to approach your customer easier a...

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May 15, 2020

A Checklist for Safely Reopening Your Business

We know you are ready for it! Ready for the smell of chlorine - ready for the sound of little feet on gym mats - ready for the smiling faces of all of your kiddos! Being shut down due to COVID-19 has been hard and we k...

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May 04, 2020

Introducing iClassPro Live

Parents can now watch class from home, work, or anywhere with our simple, secure video streaming! This awesome new feature seamlessly integrates with your existing iClassPro software.

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April 29, 2020

Check Out Our Changelog

Have you noticed the red “NEW UPDATES” button located at the top of the page when logging in to iClassPro? This is our Changelog and it’s where we publish all iClassPro software updates. Fro...

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April 28, 2020

Customer Portal is Here!

At iClassPro, we are dedicated to continuously improving our technology to ensure you and your customers have the best experience possible. That's why we've launched a new, improved customer portal!

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April 22, 2020

Happy Earth Day

Today is Earth Day and is a perfect opportunity for everyone to come together and share ideas about ways to protect our vulnerable environment. At iClassPro, we choose to reduce waste by using eco-friendly packaging m...

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April 16, 2020

Expiring Legacy Student Skill Tree Report

Out with the old and in with the new as they say! Some of you may remember the legacy Skill Tree that existed before the release of iClassPro’s robust Skill Tracking feature. Since the release of Skill Tracking,...

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April 02, 2020

Your voice matters!

Share and vote on feature requests via our new customer feedback app! We have said it before, but we’ll say it again: your voice matters, and that’s why we’ve launched a simple way for you to share f...

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March 31, 2020

2020 Webinars - All In One Place

We love the chance to interact with our customers through “live” webinars however, we understand that not everyone can always attend them. Please bookmark this article as a place where you can find Zoom lin...

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March 31, 2020

COVID-19 Resource Page

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact continues to evolve and develop, iClassPro remains committed to you, our customers, and our employees. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved...

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March 26, 2020

Introducing eGift Cards

We are excited to introduce you to the newest member of the Parent Portal: eGift Cards! This awesome option will allow customers to support you in new ways and share your business with potential new customers! eGift C...

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March 24, 2020

Embed Videos in News & Announcements

We’ve updated the “News & Announcements” section of the Parent Portal to give you the option to embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo. Adding videos to this section will help your business communica...

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March 19, 2020

Mass Messaging Tools

It’s more important than ever for you to keep your customers up-to-date with facility announcements, and what better way to do so than with mass messaging tools available to you through iClassPro! Email blast ...

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March 17, 2020

Makeup Tokens: An Alternative To Refunds

With all of the news about Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are learning that some of our customers are temporarily closing their facility or facilities. For those who are experiencing temporary closures, we’...

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March 05, 2020

Spring Cleaning for Your Business

Spring is just around the corner, and with Spring comes spring cleaning! Spring cleaning is not just for your home, but it's for your business too! Check out our ideas for spiffing up your business this spring...

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March 03, 2020

Class Registration Dates

We’re excited to announce that those of you using monthly enrollments can now schedule class start/end dates and registration start/end dates within iClassPro. Define default dates or earliest start dates for ...

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February 25, 2020

Introducing ProBot!

Meet ProBot! You may notice him inside of iClassPro today. He is here to walk you and any new employees through various sections of iClassPro! ProBot will simplify your employee training and user onboarding with step-b...

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February 21, 2020

Text Messaging Updates

Text messaging features within iClassPro just got better! Add a little extra flair to text messages to your customers by giving them headers and footers. For example, a header can include keywords about special p...

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February 14, 2020

Smart Filters for Family Reports

Smart Filters for Family Reports are here! If you commonly use the same filters when running reports, you can now save them as Presets! Simply load a Preset Filter whenever you open the report page, set your date range...

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February 13, 2020

Punch Passes are Here!

Punch Passes are a way for you to provide your customers with the flexibility to attend classes and utilize your facility in a variety of ways. Whether it’s 5 passes to your pool during the weekend or 10 pas...

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February 07, 2020

Skills Grid View Enhancements

We gave the Skills Grid View a facelift making it more efficient and reliable and giving it the ability to perform at higher speeds! Some of the enhancements include: Showing more details when viewing the grid at a ...

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December 17, 2019

Updated User Permissions

We’ve updated user permissions for how family and student policies are accepted. With this modification, staff members accepting a family or student policy within the Office Portal will need to be given explicit ...

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December 13, 2019

New Period Summary Report

Presenting the newest addition to iClassPro’s report library: The Period Summary Report!  This report summarizes student enrollments and payments collected within a specified date range, separated according...

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December 06, 2019

Branded Mobile App

It will be easier than ever to connect with your families with your very own branded mobile app. The app is free to your customers and will offer them an experience in line with your own brand.

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November 20, 2019

Family Report Updates Coming Soon

Family Reports are getting a facelift! Beginning Tuesday, November 26, Family Reports will be visually and functionally more user-friendly while also having uniform filters! Below is an example of an old Phonebook Rep...

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November 18, 2019

Updated Group User Permissions

Group User Permissions just got easier! When setting user permissions to “None,” “View,” or “Full” you’ll now use a convenient toggle switch allowing for a more user-friendly ...

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November 15, 2019

Program Specific Email Templates

Say hello to customizable Program Specific Email Templates! Tailor custom email templates to your specific programs with iClassPro’s new Program Specific Emails. Adding multiple versions to an existing custom em...

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November 08, 2019

Email Receipts for Successful Payments

Automatically send your customers email receipts for successful payments with iClassPro’s newest upgrade! It’s easy! In the Auto Payments task, choose  "Charge From Merchant Account" and enable &ldquo...

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November 06, 2019

Tuition Schedule Pricing

We are excited to introduce a new straight forward billing type feature to iClassPro - Tuition Schedule Pricing! Previously, the only way to set discounts for families with multiple students and/or students enrolled i...

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October 23, 2019

Single Day Enrollments

For customers who allow single day, one-off enrollments, iClassPro now offers a single day enrollment type! These enrollments have the same start/end date, but unlike trial and makeup enrollments, there is a fee associ...

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