The Next Generation of iClassPro is Here!
Updated April 26, 2017

Today we are happy to announce that the first phase of our 2016 rollout plan is complete!   Since our announcement in February, our developers, designers, and customer success teams have been working around the clock to bring you the next generation of online registration and class management software.  Over the years, our awesome customers have given us tremendous feedback and we've been listening.  This monumental release leverages the latest and greatest web technologies and introduces a new foundation upon which we will be able to make your ideas come to life faster than ever before.  Feel free to kick the tires and take the new release out for a spin.  We hope you enjoy the new ride : )

Important Announcement:  
With a change of this magnitude, we expect a few issues to come up.  Please know that our team is on call and ready to assist with any issues that may arise.  Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions pertaining to this release.

View our Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few important things that you need to know:

Fresh New Interface

Fresh New Interface

Don't be fooled by the pretty face. The new iClassPro is more than just good looks. Our design team has raised the bar by reducing clicks and making the new interface much more user friendly and enjoyable to use.

Kick Awesome Calendar

Kick Awesome Calendar

Introducing the new visual calendar. No matter the size of your school, the new visual calendar will be a very welcome addition to the team. Daily, weekly, and staff views will allow you to filter and sort your schedules like never before.

Smarter, Faster Filters

Smarter, Faster Filters

Using family, student, and class filters just got faster, smarter, and easier to use. We kicked the pesky old 'shift and click' drop downs to the curb and added new flyout menus with multi checkboxes and search features.

Other features and Improvements:

  • Increased Speed and Stability
  • Faster Student Registration
  • EZ Roll Sheet Printing
  • Customer Portal "I'm not a robot" reCAPTCHA
  • Drag and Drop Class & Camp Creator
  • Enhanced SMS & Voice Broadcast (Canada eh?)
  • New Age Grid, Class Days & Notes Filters
  • New Group Transfer / Group Enroll improvements
  • New Multi-page “Select All” Feature
  • Daily, Weekly, and Staff Calendar View
  • Improved Validation and Feedback
  • 1,000's of architectural improvements

We're not done yet!

Our development team has multiple phased rollouts planned for 2016. This release was the springboard to help us bring the upcoming features a reality. Thank you for choosing iClassPro. View 2016 RoadMap

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I access the new version?

    You can access your account here:  [accountname]

    Pro Tip:  Please update your bookmarks to point to the new url format.  The '[accountname]' url structure has been updated to a simpler format.  Traffic to the deprecated address will be forwarded to the new url structure!

  • Will I need to import my data to the new system?

    No.  Rest assured your data is safe and secure and no action is neccessary so you can get right back to business as usual.

  • Can I go back to the old version?

    We get it.  Change is scary.  However, these changes are necesary for us to be able to provide a more innovative and intuitive software solution. These changes will set us up to be able to more rapidly update the software. 
    There is not a way to roll back to the old version.  Please feel free to send us your feedback on the new version at, and we are happy to help with any questions or concerns. 

  • I get a message that says “The sessions for the date selected has ended.”

    We have improved class validation to prevent enrollments into a session that has expired. If you see this message, please add an active session under: Settings >> Setup >> Class Settings in iClassPro or create a new non-session (monthly) class.