The Next Generation of iClassPro

As we close-in on our existing roadmap we have started blazing the trail for iClassPro Plus. If you're using iClassPro Merchant Services, buckle up because this next generation of features is headed your way. However, if you are not yet utilizing iClassPro Merchant Services, you will be missing out on a lot of great upcoming features.

If you choose not to sign up for iClassPro Merchant Services and continue using iClassPro Classic, you will miss out on:

iClassPro App and Branded Mobile App


Wish your facility had a mobile application? Well your dream has come true! iClassPro is proud to offer you two different types of mobile applications to choose from – the iClassPro App and the Branded Mobile App. Both apps make it easier than ever for your families to sign up for classes, camps, events, birthday parties, and much more. The apps are slightly different so click below to see their advantages.

iClassPro Mobile App Screen 1
iClassPro Mobile App Screen 2
iClassPro Mobile App Screen 3

New Customer Portal


The next stop on our roadmap is the new Customer Portal, the successor to the Parent Portal. The Customer Portal leverages the latest in design and technology, making it faster and more user friendly than ever before. The Customer Portal will include a new kiosk mode that will allow customers to register within a guided, touch friendly interface. Website mode turns your Customer Portal into a full-blown website. Website mode gives you the ability to create your own webpages and customize the homepage to your liking. The Customer Portal will retain all the features you've come to love in the Parent Portal and marries them with improved design and functionality.

Customer Portal Kiosk Screen
  • One Stop Shop

    One-Stop Shop

    By combining iClassPro and iClassPro Merchant Services, you no longer have to communicate with separate support teams for your software and payment processing needs. Our support team has complete access to your account and can more efficiently resolve any issues that may arise.

  • Auto Updating Credit Cards

    Auto Updating Credit Cards

    As your customer’s credit cards expire, iClassPro Merchant Services will automatically update their saved payment information.* (For additional details, please contact iClassPro Support.)

    *Currently only available to US customers.
  • Security


    We are a Level 1 PCI compliant Service Provider. Your customer's information is safe with us. Learn More about PCI Compliance.

Future Road Map

As we move forward with the next generation of iClassPro, we will continue to bring you amazing new updates. And as an iClassPro Plus customer, you can look forward to these wonderful product features…

  • New Customer Portal

    The new Customer Portal leverages the latest design and technology, making it faster and more user friendly with kiosk and website mode.

  • Multiple Credit Cards

    For your customers’ convenience, they will be able to store multiple credit cards on one account.

  • Checkout Reservations

    There’s no need to rush! Give your customers peace of mind in knowing that when they begin the checkout process, their spot will be saved in line.

  • QuickBooks Integration

    The next generation of iClassPro will be integrated with QuickBooks, syncing all of your ledger information to their system.

  • Gift Cards

    Your facility will be able to support gift cards within iClassPro. A one-time use code can be issued to a customer to be applied as a credit when signing up for a class.


  • To get iClassPro Plus, I have to sign up for iClassPro Merchant Services?

    Yes, our in-house payment processing allows us to maximize our security for you and your customers. Utilizing iClassPro Merchant Services allows us to keep an airtight lock on your information. And with iClassPro Merchant Services, we are able to guarantee quality of service and reliability.

  • How much is it going to cost?

    It's free to switch! Our team will work to get you the best rates. Contact us today at 877.554.6776 for a custom processing rate cost comparison.

  • How do I sign up?

    Signing up is easy! To sign up for iClassPro Merchant Services, simply click the "Sign Me Up" button, fill out the information, and one of our Merchant Service representatives will be in contact with you. Once you are signed up, you will automatically receive the next generation of iClassPro features as they're released.

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