In 2013 Kids First felt a need to reevaluate its classroom management program. To establish the best provider Company we looked at (1) the parents’ user experience; (2) the program’s built-in marketing capabilities; (3) the program’s ability to enroll online and live; and (4) the program’s ability to ‘conform’ to our long established operating procedures. iClassPro was a ‘hands-down’ winner in the first three categories. We struggled with number four. That is, we struggled until we concluded that it was Kids First who needed to modernize its procedures! We have now made that change and are very happy to report our front office expenses are down 16% year over year. Thank You iClass Pro! Jeff Metzger & Steve Greeley Kids First Sports Center
Cal Elite has been a proud user of iClassPro since 2012. Cal Elite has high expectations for internal reporting and financial processes and it was critical to us that our operating software was able to meet these expectations. The dual challenge for us has always been to find a system that offered the internal sophistication that met our operational needs yet at the same time, was appealing and functional for our customers. Tantamount to our decision to move to iClassPro was the progam’s ability to facilitate true online registration. Not only did we want that true online registration capability, but we wanted it to work seamlessly in our relatively busy operation AND in a simple, affordable way. iClassPro has met these needs! After committing to iClassPro, we were pleased to learn that the program WAS as simple to use as we had hoped. Our staff training curve was significantly reduced and we found that accuracy in our scheduling and billing has become a simple process through iClassPro. Our operating programs are supposed to make our lives easier. iClassPro does its job! It has been a true partner that has saved us countless hours and effort each month over the last several years and has allowed us to focus on our people, teaching and important daily operations. Lynn Ledford Cal Elite Kids
Emler Swim School is one of iClassPro’s biggest fans! Online registration, ease of training new staff, no maintenance of local server, and great customer service are among the reasons we would choose this registration software all over again. Biggest bang for the buck we have enjoyed in a long time! Kendra Walker Emler Swim School
iClassPro has really helped Swimming Safari Swim School streamline our registration process and reduced the amount of staff needed to run operations. We have much better scheduling tools to keep our staff on track. iClassPro had definitely simplified our monthly billing procedures with the easy auto-billing feaures. Extremely Satisfied! Swimming Safari Swim School
We are loving iClassPro! Our favorite features are the online registration and the ease of training new staff. We are also really happy with the great customer service and support that we have received since we signed on. They are so helpful and always willing to listen to ideas that could further improve everyone's experience with the program. Miren Oca Ocaquatics Swim School