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Industry-leading appointment scheduling to boost your school or business!

A dynamic tool to manage one-time and recurring private lessons or coaching.

  • Never Miss a Beat

    Never Miss a Beat

    Let the system do the legwork for you while your staff spends more time providing memorable customer experiences.

  • Easy Booking & Navigation

    Easy Booking & Navigation

    Book one-time and recurring private lessons in seconds and turn scheduling into a competitive advantage.

  • Engage Your Customers

    Engage Your Customers

    Deliver amazing customer experiences with seamless scheduling for different appointment types.

Modern, State-of-the-Art Design

Clean layout and simple navigation that works across all device types.

Modern Devices
  • Automated Notifications

    Keep customers on track with automated email reminders for their appointments and follow-ups after their visit.

  • Data Warehouse Consulting
  • Robust Reports Made Simple

    Built-in tools empower you to quickly create reports to track instructors, cancellations and revenue.

Modernize Check-ins

Keep appointment check-ins for students running like clockwork with Check-in Kiosk capabilities.

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iClassPro customers will have access to try out this incredible Appointments feature FREE for ’23!

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