Touchless Kiosk Check-In
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  • Touchless Kiosk Check-In

    March 18, 2021

    Did you know that we offer a way for your customers a way to check into your facility without having to touch anything? So no need to sanitize pens and clipboards anymore; just use iClassPro’s Check-In Kiosk.

    Using touchless kiosk check-in will help you keep your customers and business safer than ever by letting your customers check-in “the zero contact way.” Not only will this check-in process help you greet your customers with care, but it will also help your staff and customers avoid unnecessary contact.

    Your customers will be assigned an automatically generated QR code. These codes can be sent to them in an email and saved to their phone, and they can be printed, laminated, put in lanyards, attached to gym bags - the possibilities are endless!

    So once your customer has their QR code, all they have to do is scan it at your check-in kiosk upon entering your facility, and they’re done!

    See how easy it is to enable this feature by visiting our Knowledgebase!

    Help educate your customers on how to best use the Touchless Kiosk by downloading and displaying these straightforward printable instructions by clicking here!





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