iClassPro Cookie Policy

How and why we use cookies

Browser cookies are used by iClassPro and we want you to understand how and why.  Cookies are used for different reasons and in different ways on various parts of our website.  There are plenty of articles on the Internet explaining what cookies are, so let's just look at how they're used by iClassPro.

On www.iclasspro.com, we use cookies for analytics, security and our own advertising campaigns.  We use Google Analytics to analyze traffic patterns on our website in an attempt to make it as user friendly as possible, so that you can easily find the information in which you're interested.  These cookies may contain information such as your browser, IP address, and Operating System, but do not contain names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.  Please see Google's cookie policy for more information regarding their analytics service.  Cookies are also used by iClassPro for marketing our products and services through online advertising services such as Google Adwords and Bing Ads and for security through services such as Google's ReCaptcha.

On support.iclasspro.com, cookies are used to keep you logged in and allow you access to the support ticket system where tickets can be viewed and updated.  Our support website is hosted by ZenDesk and you can see their cookie policy for more information.

For users with an iClassPro subscription, app.iclasspro.com uses cookies to keep you logged in and, in conjunction with the permissions settings of the software, grant you access to various functions of the application.