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You Got Skills!

The Skill Tracking You’ve Been Waiting For

We’ve completely rewritten our skill tracking module from the ground up and polished it to be the best skills tracking yet. Skills now features mobile-first skill tracking in the Staff Portal. No more printing paper evaluation sheets and no more manual entry into the admin portal – track live, right alongside your students. View all of your evaluations in the Skill Activity Log. From the log you will be able to notify your parents with beautiful emails and reward students with certificates.

Robust, yet Simple.

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Create Custom Skill Trees

We’ve made creating custom trees that match your needs easier than ever.

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Quickly Evaluate Entire Classes

It’s easy to evaluate an entire class on one screen.

Skill Progression Email


Effortlessly notify parents of evaluations with beautifully designed emails customized to match your brand.

Skill Certificate


Reward your students for a job well done with customizable certificates that celebrate their handwork. Easy layout options and branding capabilities!

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Parents will love our new customizable progress reports as they track how their student is improving.

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Mobile First

You’ll love entering evaluations directly on your tablet or mobile phone.

Evaluate Live

Skill tracking has never been easier. Although we still make paper evaluation sheets available, tracking directly in the staff portal is the quickest way to get your evaluations into iClassPro. Our new skill tracking module has been redesigned with mobile devices in mind. We know you’ll love entering evaluations directly on your tablet or mobile phone.

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Make Mom & Dad Proud!

No more printing progress reports. iClassPro makes viewing skill evaluations in the Parent Portal a breeze. Now parents will always know how their kids are progressing on their way to being a pro!

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A few things to note...

  • Skill Bank.

    Our skill media bank helps you show students exactly how a skill is performed. Need to show the perfect backbend? Add a skill demonstration video to your skill bank and it will be available to all of your coaches and staff at any time.

  • All New.

    All new and improved! We’ve created a series of knowledge base articles you can share with your coaches and staff to help you hit the ground running. Click here to get started.

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