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Free Webinar
for iClassPro Customers

Business Tune Up Video

Fire up all cylinders to tune up your business! This FREE interactive webinar provides advice and resources every iClassPro business owner or manager needs!

You should attend if you...

  • Are an iClassPro customer.
  • Own or manage a business.
  • Have business challenges.
  • Want to improve your business skills.
  • Want to learn new ways to retain your customers.
  • Want to attract new customers.
  • Want to effectively manage your financials.


  • about iClassPro

    Tune Up Your Business/Goal Setting

    We hope to get your brain thinking about new and exciting ways to grow your business. We'll help you set some enrollment goals and define a path to achieve those goals. Then we'll discuss attracting and enrolling new customers and retaining customers.

  • about iClassPro

    Customer Journey and Attraction

    We’ll focus on the customer journey, finding and filling any gaps in their journey. We’ll take a look at the sign-up process at your facility and how it is a key component in your success. And let’s look at some great marketing strategies to attract new customers.

  • about iClassPro

    Retain, Retain, Retain

    Now that you’ve set goals, have a plan, have mapped out the journey, and are on your way to attracting new customers - now what? Retention - that’s what! We will explore creative ways to help retain your customers because retention is essential to your business growth!

  • about iClassPro

    Financial Bliss

    On our last day, we’ll look into the work of financials and hopefully gain an understanding of the cost of your operations, how to best price your activities, and get the most out of your facility. We’ll discuss how growth and retention can help your bottom line!

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