iClassPro Blog

Tax Rate Setting Changes

May 16, 2019

We are making it easier for you to set your tax rates. By going to Settings > Setup > General Settings > Programs, you are allowed to set a tax rate for each program by location. Each Class will now inherit the tax rate from the Program (as it does discount schedules and blackout dates).

When creating a charge manually at the ledger, the option to CHARGE SALES TAX will automatically be enabled and will select the tax rate of the program associated with the charge.  The Billing tab includes a new “Tax Options” area that allows you to set the class to Tax Exempt or override the inherited tax rate. Learn more here.

The system will now allow you to specify an Anniversary Charge Program to be used whenever an Anniversary Fee is created. During the merge to introduce this feature, the system will automatically associate the anniversary program/tax rate based on Settings > Parent Portal > Class Registration. (If needed, you can edit this under Settings > Setup > General Settings > Anniversary Charges.)

If a Tax Rate is defined under Settings > Parent Portal? Class Registration, all classes programs will be associated with the tax rate specified there during the merge. (Camps will still be handled on a per-camp basis as they have been in the past.)