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Unlock your data faster & easier.

Make the most out of your data.

The iClassPro Premium Plan is designed to help you directly access your data, making it easier to analyze and deliver insights to help you grow your business. With information at your fingertips, this powerful cloud-based platform, used in conjunction with business intelligence (BI) tools will help you make confident decisions based on up-to-date smart analytics.

iClassPro's Premium Plan:

  • Sync & Store

    Sync & Store

    Data storage in one central location for fast, easy, & secure access

  • Know Your Numbers

    Know Your Numbers

    Identify trends & make strategic business decisions with up-to-date analytics

  • Power BI Template

    Power BI Template

    Access to our Microsoft Power BI (business intelligence) template or elect to utilize a BI tool of choice

  • Gather & Share

    Gather & Share

    Publish results & share with your team on a mobile device or browser

  • iClassPro

    Premier class management software that streamlines staff workflow and helps efficiently manage classes, students, teachers, coaches, billing, and much more.

  • Data Warehouse Consulting
  • Data Guidance

    To help ensure success, customers will be provided with an array of helpful educational resources and will also have access to our Premium support team.

  • iPartyPro

    Intuitive party management software that seamlessly integrates into your iClassPro experience. Includes online booking, customizable party packages, customer add-ons, and more.

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